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About Us


A wooden dam was constructed at this site in 1896 by the village of Lowell. In December 1917 the old wooden powerhouse was undermined and fell into the river. In 1918 a new powerhouse was built with new generation equipment at a cost of $55,000. That building presently houses units 1 and 2. In 1950, the now city of Lowell replaced the old wooden dam with the present concrete one. At this time they also added a third gerating unit.


The city sold the facility to a private party in 1970. A machine shop was built and the electricity was used to power the shop. The dam was again sold in 1978 and the impoundment was lowered. Following several interim owners, White's Bridge Hydro Company bought the dam in November 1982. After extensive renovation the impoundment level was raised in March 1984. Unit 1 was brought online March 9th 1984, and unit 2 was brought online April 11th 1984. Unit 3 came online in October 1984. The electricity is sold to Consumers Energy, who in turn distribute it to their customers. We generate enough electricity annually to power over 300 homes.

Unit 1: 150 KW

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